Hupest’ola Sculpture

Hupest’ola Sculpture

Long rust-colored sword-like leaves surround a giant conical pinnacle of intricate bell-shaped flowers with hints of blue coloring. The handmade welded steel Hupest’ola is an intricate, extra-large yard or entryway sculpture that makes a bold and beautiful statement.

Hupest’ola is inspired by the Soapweed Yucca, a medicinal evergreen which grows in dry rocky soils throughout the Great Plains and short grass prairies of the Unites States. The Lakota Sioux called the Soapweed Yucca Hupest’ola, which means “sharp-pointed stem”.

* Roughly 20” x 22” wide x42” tall

* Weighs approximately 40 pounds

* Clear-coated for durability

* Suitable for indoor and outdoor

Each hand-crafted artwork is made to order and is a unique piece which may vary in weight, dimension, shape, and color.


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