Koolkop Sculpture

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Koolkop Sculpture

I call this creation Koolkop, which is Afrikaans for cabbage head. Koolkop is based on the tuberous perennial Trachyandra and is found along the west coast of South Africa. It is also called “veldkool,” meaning field cabbage, as the flower spikes are eaten as a vegetable by the indigenous people of the region.

I've treated this handmade welded steel sculpture with a beautiful patina that gives it a rich, colorful, and antique appearance.

* Roughly 6” wide x 7” tall
* Weighs approximately 2.5 pounds
* Clear-coated for durability
* Suitable for indoor and outdoor

Each hand-crafted artwork is made to order and is a unique piece which may vary in weight, dimension, shape, and color.


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